Thursday, January 14, 2016

New term, new opportunities!

Tablet Pedagogy posts are back from a well-deserved holiday hiatus! Today is the first day of the semester at Fresno State, and instruction begins next Tuesday.

This semester, I'm taking a leap and tablet teaching all three of my courses (Genetics, which I've taught twice before as tablet instruction-based courses; Evolution; Applied Bioethics)! This effort will reach over 150 students on campus, and I'm excited about applying what I've learned in new situations.

To make things even more interesting, I've taken on the additional goal of teaching Genetics using open-access educational resources to offset the cost of the tablet purchase!

Finally, I've been selected to lead a group of colleagues from across the California State University system to help them redesign their genetics courses with technology!

In all, I'm really looking forward to sharing with you, over the course of the semester, many topics, including best practices for:

  • Incorporating open-access resources
  • Moving toward a bring-your-own-device model for class redesign with mobile technology

Thanks for following along!

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