Monday, June 20, 2016

Cal. State Univ. Course Redesign with Technology - Day 1 Plans

I'm currently in San Diego at the California State University's summer institute in the Course Redesign with Technology program. I'm a '16-'17 Proven Lead instructor, and some of you reading this are deciding whether to join my cohort as a Proven Adopting instructor.

You can see my e-portfolio (in progress) here:

Faculty are opting to join my cohort (along with biology discipline co-Lead Nicole Bournias-Vardiabasis) for one of two reasons:

  • Interested in pedagogical methodologies/approaches that I (we) use, or
  • Interested in developing a cohort of disciplinary colleagues who are actively participating in course redesign
If you are at the CRT institute and are interested in joining this cohort, please point your web browser to:
and join in the conversation. This will be one location (both now and after we depart San Diego) we can have active discussions.

Today (Day 1 of the institute), we're meeting at lunch with prospective cohort members. I'm looking forward to meeting with the Proven Adopting faculty! This evening, we have an opportunity to go to dinner together. I'm proposing to leave at 5:15 from the Sheraton Bay Tower lobby and to walk (1.5 mi each way) to Issara (Thai), if you'd like to join in. It seems like this is a good approach to wise spending of our dinner per diem, since we can share entrées if we decide to do so:

- Joe Ross

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